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Designing your unique brand

Designing a brand isn’t about conforming to everyday trends or incorporating box store ideas. Understanding the way you live and work determines your unique style. Through an understanding of who my clients are, how they function, their experiences and goals, a unique interior is formed that reflects the character of each client.

Throughout my website, you will notice a number of different interiors, each tailored to the personal style and needs of my clients. A client’s personal style is how their unique brand is created. I believe the client should impress their character upon their space and the reflection of the interior is an expression of who they are. Unfortunately today, name brands and common trends dictate the way people live within their homes resulting in an environment that is an impression of ideals of those around us.

I believe in the beauty of individual brands and the journey of discovering them. Through guidance, knowledge and confidence I implement a design with established and reliable resources. This is the way I design and these are the questions I ask.

What is your unique brand? What is your style, and how will you live it?

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