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The Fundamentals of Excellence in Design: Subtle Yet Bold Design

Subtle yet bold; it’s the simplest design that is often the most innovative. A change in paint color that reaches out to the fabric and woodwork in a room and drawing it back creates a pleasant blend of warmth. Thoughtful lighting that illuminates the pathway through a space and gives focus on what needs to be done. When combined with a clear overall vision, these fundamentals can create some of the warmest, peaceful and remarkable interiors. One thing we can be sure of when it comes to these principles and innovations that fill our home - is a little goes a long


Let me illustrate.

Project: Re-Fresh a Traditional Style Kitchen

I recently had a couple reach out to me for a paint color consultation. They were looking to freshen up their kitchen because the "colors were just not right." During our initial meeting, I surveyed the space, taking into account the elements in the kitchen that could not be altered. The maple cabinets, granite counter tops and the porcelain floor tile. I explained paint alone was not going to solve their problem. Real change would be made through thoughtful coordination of color, texture and lighting.

Working with these features I carefully selected the hand forged iron pendant light fixtures with natural cork shades to coordinate with the maple cabinets and hardware. The pendants brought direct light and beauty to the islands work surface through the artfully folded cork shade. The natural slate and glass backsplash tile with its undulating texture and color was just the right blend of warmth and light reflection to pull together the cabinets, counter tops and flooring. Notice the application; it follows the counter tops around the room and goes to the floor tying all the elements together. The warm tone of the paint was the final note to this well orchestrated design.

The projects accomplishments and innovations are distinct and show the tangible positive impact of subtle yet bold design.

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